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Summer Indie Awards 2016

Guess who is a nominee for Erotica for the Summer Indie Award 2016? This gal. Now don’t forget to vote for me.┬áVoting for the awards will be done via Poll Maker, and will open on September 1, 2016. Anyone can vote once a day, until midnight on September 11, 2016. I will keep updated on the links. Vote for me ,KATE BLACK for THE ASSISTANT, THE ASSISTANT 2 CODE BLUE, CAMPBELL’S SECURITY, AND ALEX & JESSE.



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I am doing a giveaway for tickets to the Unmask The Romance. The deadline is 8/15/2016.

Rules are:

Like my FaceBook page.

Write your name in the comment section on the pinned post.

You will get a chance to meet me and other great authors. May the odd be in ever in your favor.