Article from the Winchester Star

WINCHESTER — The author of a steamy new novel will be signing her work this weekend at the Winchester Book Gallery.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, author Kate Black, 35, of Manassas, will be signing her romantic novel “The Assistant” at the bookstore at 185 N. Loudoun St.

“It’s romantica,” said Black. “Which is romance with a little bit of erotica in it.”

“The Assistant” follows the story of Gemma Carter and her hot and cold relationship with William Campbell.

In one day, Gemma loses her job and catches her longtime boyfriend sleeping with her roommate.

Just when she feels like her luck won’t turn around, Gemma’s older brother suggests a job working as an assistant for his friend William.

Gemma’s new boss is equally demanding and good looking, and she soon finds herself enamored with him, which makes her life even more complicated.

Black said that she has been writing on and off for years. Recently, however, she has rededicated herself to her work.

A mother of three, Black has a tradition of setting yearly goals in place of the traditional New Year’s resolutions. In 2012, her goal was to participate in National Novel Writing Month, something she’d always wanted to do.

That’s when she was inspired to write “The Assistant.”

“I started from a dream of someone with red lipstick on,” Black said. “And I started outlining.”

She said writing the novel was a challenge, especially while taking care of her children.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom of three and my youngest has special needs, so I’m very busy,” Black said.

She added that her family has been very supportive.

Black managed to complete her novel in 2012, but she didn’t do much with it for two years.

Last year, she set a new goal for herself: to take the next step as an author. She self-published “The Assistant” in July.

Now, writing has become an even bigger part of her life, and she has recently published the novel’s sequel, “The Assistant 2: Code Blue.”

“Things get really, really crazy in book number two,” she said.

Black also has plans for another romance series, and she hopes to publish the first book in the series later this year.

“It’s just something that I like to do,” she said.

Copies of “The Assistant” will be available at the signing and can be purchased online at


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