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The Assistant is on sale for 99 pennies until 10/31. Happy Halloween!!!



I hope I got your attention! What are you doing for Halloween?

Assistant trailer

Assistant trailer.

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What is the scariest book you have ever read or scariest movie you have ever seen?

I tend to read ghost stories more than other horror/paranormal. When I was in the fourth grade I met one of my best friends. We are part of a trio. She had the best slumber party ever.  We stayed up late watching movies. I watched for the first and the last time The Exorcist. That movie scares me now as an adult.  What scares you?

Dreams and Nightmares

The Assistant started as part of a dream. I have tons of weird dreams and write them down. I saw a blonde woman with red lipstick in back of a car. I used that to start my writing The Assistant. However, I don’t always have nice dreams. I usually have nightmares. I have nightmares about demons, people chasing me, can’t getting to loved one in time. What do you dream about? What are your nightmares?


The ebook sale is over but you can still purchase The Assistant for $2.99.


More News: The follow up to The Assistant is in the editing process and has a name. Code Blue Room for 2.